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Advertising Management and Analytics

As an Addiction Treatment facility, advertising is likely your single largest income statement expense after personel. Yet for so many facilities, their advertising management and analysis system is limited to a spreadsheet and a prayer.
Save 20 - 40% on Advertising
Considering the amount you spend on advertising and marketing, wouldn't a savings of 20% on leakage and inefficiencies have a big impact? It is well known that advertising programs have 20% - 40% inefficiencies. The big question is...where? leeRCM helps you find and plug these leaks and convert more leads.

Adwords Manager

The leeRCM Advertising and Management Module is a Google and Bing approved partner that helps you create, deploy and manage Google AdWords and Bing Ads with best practices on AdWords advertising with click-through analysis -- but then -- that's easy. leeRCM adds advertising analysis not only on click-through, but on actual financial results. We analyze reporting all the way through, starting with clicks and click costs, through to admissions, billing and financial collections. leeRCM is the only system that can tie every advertising dollar to actual billing and collections for ROI analysis on your spend AND revenue.

Reporting & Analytics

You used to count click and calls, now you'll measure and report which campaigns convert Google + Bing partner logos and what the actual financial return (ROI) ratio is on each campaign, across all campaigns, not just AdWords. For example, leeRCM manages every advertising campaign from radio to TV, bus benches to billboards -- even referral marketing and trade shows. Every campaign gets a "source code" which is matched to clicks, calls, referrers -- by phone number called (campaigns get different phone numbers) or entered by staff when they input leads, or matched to a click to your web site.  This system even tracks referral source by individual and agency, so personal referral data travels with the referrer if they change jobs, but also credits the agency they worked for at the actual time of the referral, with six levels of referral tracking. We top that off with beautiful reports and graphs on the entire process through to financial results.

It's True:

It's possible that you've imagined such a system, even attempted to develop it in a commercial CRM, but couldn't get it all done, or connect it to financial results.
We imagined it too...but we did it. Here's how:
We started with an advertising and marketing team with more than 100 years combined experience and well over $60 billion in direct marketing results via every conceivable advertising medium. Then we added developers with the same experience in marketing and direct response.
Place this team inside the real world over known as six different Addiction Treatment Centers where our Agile Development Team built lee Advertising side by side and inside real-life operating treatment facilities in their marketing, advertising, call center, and operating departments. We're talking about facilities with a census range of 30 to 500 and call center size from 3 to 40.
The result is an industrial-strength advertising management and analysis system that tracks every aspect of every dollar you spend on clicks, calls, trade shows, etc., with a Google AdWords manager that lets you fine tune campaigns based on financial results, not just clicks.


Real-Time Advertising Analytics

Anyone can report on calls and clicks, but only the leeRCM Stack can report on advertising return by REVENUE DOLLARS actually collected.
By eliminating leakage and waste in your current advertising programs, you'll pay the cost of the leeRCM system many times over.
Capture leads, clicks and calls directly into the leeRCM and call center manager to help you turn more clicks and calls into admissions.
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